Best tennis shoes for men 2017

best tennis shoes for men 2017. a tennis shoes for men 2017

This is a work in progress.Next to be added is Wilson Pro Rush 2.5.

We tennis-playing folk use the words “tennis shoes” in the sense of shoes worn by tennis players while playing tennis.

There are a lot of choices, so I’ll try to help you find the best.

I have played tennis for over 30 years. I’m on a tennis court 45 hours a week.

Quality tennis shoes are not cheap. There are, as you will see, premium and non-premium versions of a tennis shoe made by the same manufacturer.

Why Tennis shoes?

Seeing a player or student wear running shoes on the tennis court scares me. I know that if I were wearing a running shoe and played hard, as in play to win, I’d be rolling my ankles in no time.

Tennis shoes have support for lateral movement, changing direction, unpredictable movements. Unlike running where you go… straight, sort of.

Selecting a tennis shoe based on your type of foot.

There are narrow feet, wide feet, supinated (high arch), pronated (low arch) feet. I’ll show you shoes recommended for all of these.

Now for the reviews:
Best tennis shoes for men 2017 guide

OPEN Prince T22 Men tennis shoe review
The Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe has been around for ages. I have been teaching tennis for almost 12 years and they’ve been around for longer than that. It has not changed much in terms of design.
“Iconic” is not a stretch when it comes to the popularity of this shoe. I haven’t kept up with sales numbers but as of a year or two ago, the T22 was the best-selling shoe of all time.

The Prince T22 tennis shoe is categorized as “medium” in terms of width, but for me and others it feels wide. It needs no break-in whatsoever.

When it comes to comfort, this shoe is wonderful. Comfort and cushioning are great. After playing in “performance,” low to the ground, lightweight shoes, stepping into the T22 is a huge relief.

The shoe is on the heavy side: 16.7 oz for a US10.5 size. You win some (comfort, cushioning, support), you lose some (heavy). I have worn a couple of pairs of T22. For being on the court 8-10 hours a day teaching, this shoe is perfect.

The reasons I don’t wear this shoe myself anymore:
– width. For my narrow feet, it’s just too wide.
– For real intense “I-wanna-win” playing, this shoe is a bit clunky and heavy for me.

In the latest version of this T22, there seems to be some negative feedback from players. The complaint: uncomfortable plastic strap (it’s there for lateral support, by the way) that pushes/cuts into pinky toe bone on the outside of the shoe. I highlighted in yellow said strap in the below picture. Some have even cut that plastic part out. This is not a consensus. You should still try this shoe for yourself.

Prince t22 men

Prince t22 men

It also comes several colors.

The above is my personal experience with this shoe. The below contains manufacturer marketing jargon.

Prince T22 Men’s Features:
– shock absorbers in the heel and fore-foot
– microfiber synthetic and mesh upper for better breathability
– Duraskin II technology for durability in the toe area.
– Softspring technology disperses shock for better comfort
– ShockEraser midsole insert absorbs heel impact
– PRC 1000 rubber compound outsole for durability.

Get it now:

CLOSE Prince T22 Men tennis shoe review

OPEN the Babolat Jet review
Babolat Jet Men’s All Court Tennis shoe.

Babolat Jet All Court Men tennis shoe

Babolat Jet All Court Men tennis shoe

Ultra light weight: 12.9 oz for a 10.5 size.
Matryx (woven Kevlar and polyamide) upper. Keeps shoe light while providing support.
Active Flexion sole technology
Michelin S pattern outsole
Heel counter system.

I have personally worn this shoe. Thrashed it in a month and a half or so. Yes, I wear shoes out quickly, but not this quickly. So durability is not this shoe’s forte.

It’s categorized as a medium width, but it’s definitely a narrow show, which is perfect for my narrow feet. My feet weren’t swimming in them.

Good support. Not great support. For me the woven Kevlar and polyamide upper is so soft that it’s too soft. As I wore them the upper got even looser to where I didn’t feel a great deal of lateral support. I would have liked the upper to be a bit stiffer. But because it’s lower to the ground, I still felt like I could change direction well. I didn’t feel unsafe pushing laterally like I do with a higher to the ground tennis shoe like the Prince T22.

The Babolat Jet has a medium arch.

But, boy, can I run and move fast in these! Amazing. Lightweight, fast.

Traction was very good.Supposedly due to Michelin S pattern. This shoe makes good squeaks! I like that about a tennis shoe.

Comfortable for a speed shoe, but not as comfortable or cushy as the Babolat SFX or Prince T22.

Good-looking shoe! It comes on 4 colors:
Gray,blue, yellow
Black, red
Grey, yellow
White, blue.

Get it now:

CLOSE the Babolat Jet Men review

OPEN the ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Men's review
I have never won Asics tennis shoes. In fact when I started teaching tennis about 12 years ago, I don’t remember anyone wearing Asics tennis shoes. Running, maybe. Everyone wore Nike, Prince, Adidas…

But Asics started the Gel Resolution and now about 90% of the players I see on the tennis courts wear Asics.

ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Men's

ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Men’s

The one word people describe the shoe with is “comfortable.”

Note that I am not reviewing the latest iteration, which is version 7, because I can’t collect enough data to give you a good review. Judging by the success of previous versions, 7 will be a good one, too.

Back to Asics Gel-Resolution 6 Men’s:
This is categorized as a medium width shoe with a medium arch height.
A size 10.5 men’s weighs 15.2 ounces.

Kind of like the racquet that provides power AND control claims, the Resolution 6 has a “FlexionFit” upper that provides both comfort AND support.

The PGuard toe protector enhances toe protection.

Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems attenuate shock during impact and toe-off phases, and allows movement in multiple planes as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.

P.H.F. (personal heel fit) collar lining provides 2 layers of memory foam line the collar and mold to the athlete’s heel, creating a personalized fit.

AHAR (ASICS High abrasion Rubber) Plus Outsole strategically positioned in critical areas of the outsole, this exceptionally durable compound is 50% more durable than standard ASICS High Abrasion Rubber.

Based on the 4.5 star reviews from hundreds of reviews, you should give this a try.

Here are highlights from the many reviews I read in order to save you time:
Cushion, cushion, cushion. Comfort!
Slightly tighter fit than previous generation (5), but breaks in nicely for happy feet.
SOME players complained about heel slippage. Some fixed the issue with using the lacing runner’s loop. Heel support is also seen by some as not as good as previous versions.

CLOSE the ASICS Gel-Resolution 6 Men’s review

OPEN the Babolat SFX2 Men's review
This is the second version of the SFX. If I remember right, when Babolat came out with the SFX, it was to be an alternative or competitor to the very successful Prince T22. The Babolat Propulse was more of a competitive fast show, the SFX was to be a more comfortable wider shoe.

I wore the original SFX in blue. Because of my narrow feet, I didn’t like them very much because they were quite wide.

The SFX2 is sold as a medium width shoe. It has medium arch support and at 10.5US size, they weigh 16oz.

Babolat SFX2 Men's Tennis Shoe

Babolat SFX2 Men’s Tennis Shoe

I recently wore the Babolat SFX2 men’s tennis shoe and destroyed them. Literally. They look awful. The blue mesh fabric is torn up. I usually destroy outsoles, but I don’t know why this shoe’s upper looks like a dog used it as a chewing toy for a few weeks. The mesh fabric broke apart on both shoes.

The laces failed, too, after a few months.

That being said, the Michelin rubber outsole is quite durable.

So, from a durability point of view, the SFX2 is not very good. For ME, anyway. But hardly any shoes do.

The SFX2 is narrower than the original SFX, so, that I liked.

The shoe is comfortable. Very comfortable. Great cushioning. It sits a bit higher off the ground than a speed-man’s shoe.

The upper is soft, but support is very good nonetheless. Stability is good.

Why do I recommend this shoe even though I bashed its durability? It’s got best of both worlds: it’s comfortable and yet it’s quite fast, stable and supportive. Not all players wear a pair of tennis shoes 50 hours a week. So, this may be the shoe for you. I see several players where I teach that have worn them for almost a year and still love them.

CLOSE the Babolat SFX2 Men’s review

OPEN Prince T22 Lite Men tennis shoe review

Prince took the T22, shaved off 10% of the weight and now we have the T22 Lite.

Prince T22 Lite Men's Blue

Prince T22 Lite Men’s Blue

Still comfortable like the T22, but maybe a slight bit less cushiony.

The lateral support that got some complaints in the T22 are softer in the T22 Lite.

The upper is light and breathable and very comfortable. Conforms well to foot. Even though soft, support and stability is good.

The Prince T22 Lite is a bit narrower than the T22. It is still categorized as a medium width with medium arch.

I am wearing this shoe right now and the one thing I can say is for sure is, this shoe has been very durable for me. The outsole lasted very well. It is the same as in the T22. Some reviewers complained about quick wear on toe area. I did not find that at all. The toe area still looks good and I am quite a toe dragger.

I have the white and black version. One complaint I have is the white gets nasty dirty-looking quickly, especially around the inside of the big toe. See the pic.

Prince T22 Lite Men's

Prince T22 Lite Men’s

The blue/blue version is a good-looking shoe. Highly recommended.

Very good traction.

For me this is the winner of the best tennis shoes for men 2017 guide

CLOSE Prince T22 Men lite tennis shoe review

OPEN HEAD Revolt 2 Men's Tennis shoe review

At the time of this writing, the HEAD Revolt 2.0 is a brand new tennis shoe. Why the selected “revolt” for branding this is beyond me. This is the second generation, obviously, but I have no experience with version 1.

I am wearing it right now. It’s too soon to tell all because I started wearing it a week ago.

I’m wearing the white and blue version, which doesn’t look as cool as the the black and red version.

head revolt 2 men's tennis shoe black/red

head revolt 2 men’s tennis shoe black/red

MY initial thoughts:
– the shoe is comfortable to wear
– it is sold as a medium width shoe and my narrow foot fits in it ok.
– when landing from an open stance forehand wide off the court, for example, and trying to push back into the court the front part of my foot slides to the outside. Noticeably worse than any shoes I have worn and talked about in this article. This is the case even when tied tightly. Therefore, front foot support for me is not great.
– heel support is great.
– breathable
– they squeak!
– fairly light
– they look good

The HEAD Revolt 2 has outsole ventilation. There are ventilation “holes” in the insole and outsole. What’s kind of funny is that there is a sticker on the bottom of the shoe, visible after removing the insole that says, “remove for more ventilation.” Pic shown.

I was reminded of the breathability feature at the bottom of this tennis shoe a few days ago when it was pouring cold rain and I stepped into unavoidable shallow puddles. Result: wet socks.

head revolt 2 ventilation system

head revolt 2 ventilation system

This shoe has a 6-month outsole durability warranty.

I will update this in a couple of months.

The below is manufacturer-provided stuff:
The premium performance HEAD REVOLT PRO 2.0 men’s tennis shoe is engineered to provide the optimum combination of comfort and stability to the aggressive baseline player who is extra tough on his shoes. It is now also lighter than ever. The HEAD 4D Shell, a seamless upper, provides amazing comfort, while the PU molded top layer keeps the foot securely in place. Additional stability comes from the HEAD ENERGY FRAME and its TPU wings, which support the heel, providing lateral stability and safety. The shoe also features a triple density midsole with TRI-NRG technology that perfectly supports your movements.

Comfortable, very breathable 4D foam layer
PU molded frame construction
TPU HEAD ENERGY FRAME for lateral support
180° DRIFT DEFENSE around the toe and medial side
Adaptive collar padding
Sweatabsorbing and comfortable EVA sockliner
Triple density midsole (TRI-NRG)
Lateral forefoot trigger
Ventilated 3D anti torsion midfoot shank
Durable non-marking rubber compound
Hybrid outsole profile for all tennis surfaces
Special durability zones for hard court users
Open tread zones for best grip on clay

CLOSE HEAD Revolt 2 men’s tennis shoe review

OPEN Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Men's Tennis shoe review

This shoe is fairly new at the time of this writing, but it looks promising. As more information comes out, we will update.

wilson rush pro 2.5 men's tennis shoe

wilson rush pro 2.5 men’s tennis shoe

Low to the ground
14.8oz for a 10.5 US men’s size

Takes a day or so to break in.

Wilson brand name Features:
Dynamic Fit-DF1
Pro Torque Chassis
6 month outsole durability guarantee

Get it:

CLOSE Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 men’s tennis shoe review

I hope you found this best tennis shoes for men 2017 guide useful. Please let me know what you think in the comments area below.

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