Australian Open junior champion charged with match-fixing

This kid, Oliver Anderson, who obviously has potential, was charged with match-fixing.

I read the BBC article and it seems this should have been called “set-fixing.” He threw the first set by getting broken at 4-4 in the first set and losing that set. There is video showing Anderson missing serves by yards at 4-4, 30-all. This was in a challenger tournament.

In case you are not familiar with sports betting, there are scores of ways to make/lose money. Come up with any rule and you can probably make a bet on it. Like, final score, who breaks first, who wins the first set, total number of games in match or a set, first point winner in game number 4 and on and on.

My favorite quotes from this article:

“It’s disappointing for the game any time something like that comes out,” said the Briton. When it comes out??

“A Victoria Police statement added: “Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit detectives and bookmakers assisted with the investigation.””
Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit detectives. Haven’t looked into it, but I’d love to know who funds that “intelligence” unit.