Andy Murray knighted in New Year Honours

Andrew Murray Barron has been knighted “for services to Tennis and charity” in the New Year Honours list.

US superstars Serena and Venus Williams and Simone Biles given drugs exemption, Russian hackers reveal

Serena and Venus Williams given drugs exemption

Whether or not you think hacking a server and then making information public is cool or not: The leaked documents indicated tennis legends Williams sisters

volley target: around net player

Where do the pros hit their volleys?

I don’t watch much tennis even though I do love watching it. I just don’t get to.

However, I make time to watch at least parts of the end of the year biggie, the ATP World Tour Finals.

Nick Kyrgios Is Suspended Until Australian Open for His Lackadaisical Play

Video: ugly tanking by Nick Kyrgios. ATP suspends him until Australian Open.

Who knows how long the video below will be up, so watch it while you still can. In this world of copyright infringment, it may be gone any day now. It shows hard-to-believe behavior from a “professional,” Nick Kyrgios.

Djokovic loses to Cilic. Murray needs one win for no. 1 spot

For full details and commentary see link to The Guardian.


quiz tennis pro points end in x shots 50 percent of the time

50% of pro points end within how many shots? Quiz

Give it your best shot. What do you think the answer is?

Interactive quiz.

patrick rafter volley with your feet

Volley with your feet… or not

There seems to be an obsession (strong word) with moving toward/to/through a volley. “Volley with your feet.”

Many websites including and teaching pros encourage players to use their feet. Hence, players do it.

approacher misses first volley in the net

I was just trying to get it in

In every practice I ask “what was your target?” or “what was your intention/goal/objective with that shot?”

tennis turning the tables defense to offense

Defense to offense

This post is about turning the tables. That is, neutralizing the advantage of our opponents and gaining the advantage ourselves.

Here’s the situation: the up players

don't pass. make them play.

They are moving in, so pass them! Or maybe not.

In singles especially, when your opponent comes in, you are more often then not inclined to attempt a passing shot.

In doubles, your response is probably the same…