Sara Foster is Tommy Haas’ number one fangirl

Tommy Haas playing in the 2017 Australian Open!

Whaaa? Tommy Haas got a wildcard at the 2017 Australian open.

I do like Haas and remember seeing and meeting him at the Memphis open a LONG time ago. But, really? He is 38 years old and didn’t play a single pro match in 2016.

But it doesn’t matter to his wife and number one fan, Sara Foster.

She has been defending ridicule and criticism on twitter and such. Here’s one:

A twitter user asked if Haas would be playing “wheelchair tennis” at the Australian Open, Foster responded with:

“I think what you meant to say was “how inspiring that a former world #2 38 YO with 15 surgeries behind him is playing”..idiot”

There’s more. When a twitter-er criticized his getting a wc at the AO17, Sara tweeted:

“Because he’s worked his ass off for 20 years to deserve it. Because he’s the only player to be out for over a year and back in top 10…”
Sara Foster is Tommy Haas’ number one fangirl


Go Sara!

And, I guess, go Tommy!